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What We Do

New Line Consulting helps clients achieve sustainable breakthroughs in leadership, communication, and clarity of purpose. Healthy companies must be in a continual process of adaptation and change; our assistance enables clients to navigate the change process at an accelerated rate and in ways that unlock previously hidden potential. We combine practical business tools for performance improvement with deep insight into the human dynamics of change.

Our Methods

New Line uses a combination of intensive leadership training, strategic planning, executive coaching and group problem solving to facilitate a comprehensive shift in organizational performance. Our style is dynamic and highly participatory, incorporating classical consulting tools, new conceptual models, interactive learning games, personal feedback, and practical application. New Line projects are true collaborations distinguished by creativity, rigorous follow through, and a deepening of participants accountability and commitment.

Our Staff

We are a group of skilled and dedicated consultants who seek to make a lasting impact for the clients we serve.

"What I feel is unique about New Line as a firm is your combination of deep insight into the way human beings function and highly practical business tools for improving quality and efficiency. As a psychologist, I appreciate the former; as an administrator, I depend upon the latter."

-Duke Terrell, PhD
Warden, U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons

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